Sexiest beaches in the world

 When you contemplate  the hottest sea shores on the planet, what considerations come into your brain? You may envision a tropical heaven with clear water blue water and white sandy sea shores. Others might imagine palm trees and lovely landscape toward each path. All things considered, the hottest sea shores can positively exist in any topographical area on the planet. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. Assuming you are an explorer and heartfelt then you may wish to visit the accompanying hottest sea shores on the planet soon. White Beach in Boracay, Philippines Boracay is an island that is known for having the most beautiful sea shores in the Philippines. White Beach is unquestionably the most alluring one and it is included in numerous notices for Boracay. The whole island is around 5 miles long, so you could stroll across the sands of White Beach in only a couple of hours and partake in all the magnificence that it brings to the table. This magnificence incorporates the ex